Explore for minerals and aggregates, efficiently.


Implementing a tactical Unmanned Aerial Sensor service to a mining operation brings speed and agility to materialize and capitalize on key data. Optimize resources, and ensure safety of a high velocity operational tempo that demands accuracy, currency and flexibility like never before.


✓ Identify greenfield potential faster with aerial imagery.
✓ Save time with a fast final-mile solution for small tools and hardware.
✓ Optimize the use of water and other natural resources.
✓ Know your terrain, slopes, angles, and boundaries with digitalization.
✓ Ensure safety and security of assets and personnel.
✓ Create feedback with predictive analytics to quickly see your terrain changes.
✓ Value and volume. Quantify and measure earth movement and stockpiles.
✓ Inspect infrastructure such as water pipes and railways to ensure integrity.


Greenfield exploration.

Site expansion or new developments.

Personnel, asset management, and security.

Measurement of volumes and quantities

Operational planning.

Final mile logistics

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Prevention is always less expensive than recovery. Our technology integration and capabilities allow you to prevent losses.

Including an Tactical Unmanned Aerial Sensor service in your arsenal allows not just for real time recovery of losses but is predictive of future losses. Conventional drone operators lack key knowledge in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance information acquisition.

We have the insight to know what is actionable now, predictive or redundant. We understand and have the experience to know the difference.

Don’t pay for what you do not need. Not all Tactical Unmanned Aerial Sensor providers fit into your industry’s needs. Procontours is not one size fits all. We know that you need a service that works for you and doesn’t just claim the “best” Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.