We Identify your threats and protect your resources in real-time.


Today’s security environment is complex and volatile.

Unlock the power of real-time data to understand and monitor in a rapidly changing security environment with a tactical Unmanned Aerial Sensor solution.


✓ Understand your area of responsibility with real time surveillance and monitoring.
✓ Identify and mitigate threats with intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.
✓ Protect your assets by creating feedback with needed speed and scale.


Border and coastal surveillance

Anti terror and anti narcotics operations

Search and rescue missions

Emergency response

Operational security

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Procontours integrates sensors and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to scale your approach, size, perimeters, and vulnerabilities.

Data acquisition: Fly up to 15 hours in Line of Sight (LOS) or Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS).

Prevention is always less expensive than recovery. Our technology integration and capabilities allow you to prevent losses.

Including a Tactical Unmanned Aerial Sensor service in your arsenal allows not just for real time recovery of losses but is predictive of future losses. Conventional drone operators lack key knowledge in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance information acquisition.

Our experience in real world intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance information acquisition provides unique capabilities to know what is actionable now, predictive, or redundant.

Don’t pay for what you do not need. Not all Tactical Unmanned Aerial Sensor providers fit into your industry’s needs. Procontours is not one size fits all. We know that you need a service that works for you and doesn’t just claim the “best” Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

  • Your industry relies on specific information. We integrate your requirements to save you unnecessary expenses and respond to rapid changes and timelines.
  • By using multi-sensor capabilities you can be informed in real-time and build actionable data with scalability, delivered to the tactical level.
  • When you apply persistent surveillance with change detection capabilities, you immediately identify and hone in on specific changes through time.
  • You demand precise information within minutes of acquisition for actionable and precise decisions.